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Tammy has done an AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME, job for us.  Unfortunately, we are not going to need her at the Plant next week.  The Manager there has made other arrangements for his project.  Today, we will review what she has gotten done on our training grant and decide if we need her back here a few more days next week.  Tammy will be my first request for future projects large or small.  Thank you so much!  This process has been incredibly simple and your team has been fabulous to work with.  Feel free to take this entire email and use is as a testimonial.  – Kendra M., Employee Services Manager

Thank you, Shane!

Mr. Wenninger, this email is long overdue. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a great job Shane does. The last several people we have had here have done a commendable job for us and most times, I give Shane very little notice. He has not once come back and said, “I couldn’t get anyone.” He always checks to make sure our workers arrive as scheduled and if I don’t follow up with him first, he gets back to me to make sure things went well.


To add to his stress, I often change things up on him as our deliveries get moved around. A couple of times, after I know Shane has gone to great lengths to help us, I’ve had to cancel altogether.


I can only imagine how frustrating an inconvenient that is for Shane, but he never complains. He is a tremendous asset to your organization and I just wanted to let you know.

I can rest this weekend….

Both of your guys are doing very, very well. I’m at the point where I can actually rest this weekend! And I would like to hire Warren full time if I have the opportunity to do so.

Another client’s feedback…

All in all, both Carlyn and Chastity are wonderful employees as a result of your selection effort and expertise!

A satisfied client…

Good morning Shane, everything is continuing to go well!  These guys continue to do a great job.  They also work together very well.  The two of them have taken over the building of our Acoustical Enclosures, they have been assisting me with making new work instructions.  They have their area more organized than I have ever seen it!  They continue to impress me each week!

You all are amazing!

Thank you, I just wanted to say that you all are amazing!! I’ve went to a lot of temp agencies and various jobs in general and none of them have made it such a personal experience the way your office has. Kelsey you always have a smile on your face, an amazing memory that makes the individual client feel very appreciate, and your constantly following up which is nice to know where you are in the process. Working with Matt was great as well, he really seemed to have my best interest in mind, constantly following up and reassuring me, and a great likeable personality as well. Thank you all so much for a fresh start in a new job!! Your office will come highly recommended from me with the people i meet along my travels.

Exceptional team

Thanks for all your help. We really feel we have an exceptional team here, and that’s due in no small part to the assistance and collaboration from you at Express — Kip, Plant Manager, local manufacturer and distributor.

Still happy after two years

Geoff who was an Express Associate 2 years ago has been promoted to Lead Technician.  Geoff has set the bar for any new hires that we bring in.

In addition, Joni was a 5-Star employee and this entire office is “high caliber” in my book!  I would not call anyone else because of the experiences that I’ve had with your office.

Great team

Thank you and the Express staff for helping me find a job. You guys are a great team. I will definitely refer those who are seriously looking for work. God bless you all and Happy Holidays! – Benny C.

Express was amazing!

Express was amazing. Very easy to work with with friendly staff. The employee they found for us worked out great and is now a perminent part of our team.  We will continue to use Express everytime we need to find a new short term or long term employee. Thanks for your dedication to supplying quality hardworking emoyees.

Jeremy Stacy
J. Stacy Landscaping LLC

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